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Let us take your freight where it needs to go!

Dry Van

We transport volume shipments moving to and from any point in the U.S. With our broad network of transportation providers, we have the capacity and the flexibility to handle any type of truckload move you have.
With us you will be getting the safest and most efficient transportation services in the country.

Flat Bed

You can feel confident you’re getting the most efficient solution available when you choose LoadLord for your flatbed needs.
Our flatbed loads are handled with the upmost precaution. We will ensure that your load will be safe from any and all outdoor conditions.

Dedicated Freight

Take care of your business, and we will take care of your freight! Let us eliminate the hassles of owning, operating and maintaining your own private fleet — no more risk management or driver liability concerns. We will provide you with your own fleet!
We will use our distribution network and over-the-road assets, to provide customized solutions that create efficiencies, improve customer service, maintain your professional image and lower your overall transportation costs.

Air / Ocean Cargo

There are no needs too big or small, or requests that our team can't handle. To and from just about any country on the planet we can handle the entire process from pickup to final delivery. We handle your entire process. We will organize your shipment from start to end. Once it touches US soil we will haul it from Port to Destination. You do not have to worry about chassis or drayage. We do it all!
Additionally, if you require specialized equipment our team can quickly establish and execute both safely and efficiently.

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